Love in Action: A Gift of Trust

A Gift of Trust' by Perchstone & Graeys.

A Gift of Trust
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A Gift of Trust

It is not enough to say I love you without putting in place plans to secure your future and ensure the wealth you helped me amass doesn’t go to someone else.

In appreciation of all the years you have sacrificed, I have on the advise of my lawyers, decided to set up a trust, with you and our children as the beneficiaries. A trust is well-organized, detailed and efficient way of managing and distributing my assets.

The beauty of the trust system is that it is private, saves you the hassle of obtaining probate and guarantees the transfer of wealth from generation to generation which will ensures that generations unborn enjoy my wealth.

While there are different types of trust, I have decided to create a living trust, which will impress upon me in my life time the need to be more organized in the management of my affairs and force me to be more prudent and keep proper records thereby guaranteeing accountability.

I have also been informed that although setting up a trust may be time consuming and relatively expensive during its initial set-up, it will however ensure that my ultimate goal ~: which is the transfer and protection of my wealth, is achieved.

Lastly, my lawyers have assured me that our properties in London, Milan and South Africa can be secured by an offshore trust.

What better way or day than today is there to re echo and express my eternal love for you.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Valentine

-'A Gift of Trust' by the Law Firm of Perchstone & Graeys.


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