PSA: How to Submit Content to BDLegal Business

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Articles must be legal and can be in two forms:

Legal Perspective: This could be either providing a legal angle on a news event or analysing a trend in the profession or particular industry. This type of article seeks to provide legal outlook to give a more holistic view of the topic.

Tip: Cut out the legalese: when writing your story, please translate legal jargon into plain, simple English that anyone can understand.

Legal Insight: Is a more academic approach and it breaks down a legal principle in a more complex manner, usually aided by citing case law or statute.

E.g. Understanding the concept of Garnishee Proceedings.

Submit the Article 

Articles must be between 600 – 1000 words and must be contained within two pages, including tables. Articles should be in Microsoft Word Docx format.

Contributor Guidelines

If an article is selected, we will reach out to the contributor at least a week before publication.

Articles should be original works that have not been published. Publication includes appearance in any newspaper or news media platform (online & print), personal blogs, social media website, or disseminated via newsletters.  Articles currently under consideration for publication in another newspaper or online media platform are also not eligible. By submitting the articles, the authors are taking public responsibilities of the legality and originality of the work.

Any work published in our newspaper and website(s) will be duly credited.

Submit articles to: [email protected]


If a contributor has any issues with the publication, the selected work kindly reach out us via email at [email protected].

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