Olu Apkata reveals eight priority projects in latest report


The Nigerian Bar Association president in his latest report announced 8 priority projects that it would embark on during the Olu Akpata administration.  They read as follows:

“Following the recently concluded NEC meeting at which we received approval for eight (8) priority projects of my administration, we have started taking active steps towards achieving the objectives of the said projects in the New Year. The approved priority projects are:

  1. Project Do Good – this is our public interest and society focused project that has been initiated to drive our vision of intervening in relevant matters of public interest.
  2. Project Benjamin – the primary focus of this project is to design a workable and enforceable framework under which lawyers will (i) charge the right fees for their legal services using acceptable and realistic metrics; and (ii) ensure that lawyers in paid employment earn reasonable living wages and emoluments.
  3. Project WAY (Who Are You)– this is our digital NBA Project. The goal of this project is to digitise most of our processes at the NBA and issue a proper multi- purpose means of identification to our members.
  4. Project Dignity – this focuses primarily on restoring and protecting the dignity of our members by addressing the wanton abuse and harassment of lawyers carrying on their legitimate businesses.
  5. Project Enhancement – this involves the reactivation of the NBA Human Rights Institute; establishment of a Career Development Centre and the empowerment of the NBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education to drive our agenda around capacity building and assist our members to diversify their practice areas and methods, deepen competencies and expand the frontiers of legal practice, which in turn will create more wealth and career options for lawyers. It is my hope that through this project, these ideals will become entrenched and institutionalised at the NBA beyond my administration.
  6. Project Well-being – as part of my administration’s wellness program for lawyers, we are currently in discussions with reputable Health Management Organisations for the establishment of a scheme that will enable our financial members to access affordable health insurance across the country. Project Well-being is the platform through which we will drive this scheme.
  7. Project Exchequer – this project is squarely about developing a framework that will make it easier for lawyers to access finance at concessionary rates for their capital expenditure and working capital purposes. The Project Exchequer team recently commenced discussions in this respect, and we will provide progress reports in due course.
  8. Project Engine Room – through this project, we are working on a system that will allow for the running of the NBA National Secretariat in a more professional, customer-friendly, and efficient manner that will ensure that certain administrative matters are left to competent career NBA staff with the elected national officers focusing on broader policy issues.

“These are by no means the only projects or activities that we are working on. However, we believe that they signify a commitment to the actualisation of our core mandate of making the Bar work for its members and the society.”

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