NBA-SBL relaunches Corporate Counsel Committee as Corporate and Regulatory Counsel Committee

… convenes webinar to formally change name and usher in new leadership

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The webinar was put together by the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law in support of the subsequently renamed Corporate and Regulatory Counsel Committee and in partnership with the African and Corporate Government Counsel Forum (ACGC), one of the specialist committees set up to engender commercial lawyers and to raise the level of business practice in Nigeria.

The Corporate Counsel Committee of the NBA-SBL was established in December 2018. It is one of the foremost and focal committees of the NBA-SBL, and its mission is to promote the common professional and business interest of in-house counsel, who work for corporations, associations, regulatory institutions and other organisations through information, education, and networking, and advocacy. The committee provides a platform for the corporate counsel to enhance proficiency in the practice of corporate and commercial law in Nigeria, amongst other objectives.

As part of the objective of the meeting, they announced a change in leadership which saw the pioneer chair of the committee, Bidemi Ademola, General Counsel and Company Secretary at Unilever, relinquishing the chair to Sola Dosunmu, Head of Legal, British American Tobacco.

In attendance, Sola Dosunmo, new chair of the committee; Ayuli Jemide, Chairman of the Governing Council of the NBA-SBL, Managing partner of Detail Solicitors; Anastasia Braimoh, First Vice-Chair, Head of Legal and Legal Advisor at the Securities Exchange Commission; Sesan Sobowale, Head of Legal at Union Bank; Second Vice-Chair, Bukola Daniel Durotiwon, Legal Manager and Company Secretary at Total.

Guest speakers/Panellists in attendance were Dr. Joseph Adebola Tolorunse, Legal Advisor of the Department of Petroleum Resources; Josephine Amuwa, Director, Legal and Regulatory Services Department of the Nigerian Communications Commission; Ibrahim Kitoo, Chief Legal Advisor, Kenya Electricity Generating Company and Mohammed Sani Mohammed, Commons Secretary and Legal Advisor of the National Pension Commission.

The newly appointed chairman, Sola Dosunmo acknowledged his predecessor stating, “We would like to thank Mrs. Bidemi for her exemplary leadership, displayed over the years, and I am honoured to have been appointed as her successor to lead this committee for the next two years working together with a fantastic team.”

On renaming the committee, Ayuli Jemide stated,

“The whole idea is from the name, and we have to be clear that it includes Regulatory Council. This renaming is a clear signal that NBA-SBL intends to have greater participation of the counsel in the NBA SBL, and this is not tokenism; because if we’re true to ourselves, the regulatory counsel, both in federal or state, work very hard in their different stations to hold Nigeria together in very many ways. ”

The topic of the webinar was “Corporate and Regulatory Counsel: Siblings or Acquaintances; The Essential Role of the Regulatory In-House counsel”. Panelist discussed a range of topics including, an overview of the mandates of DPR; the role of the legal department in regulation; an overview of the topic of discussion in the Kenyan context; the distinction between in-house regulatory counsel and corporate counsel in the context of the webinar topic, and regulation of the pension industry in Nigeria.

Topics were thoroughly explored and after a brief questions and answers session, the chairman formally issued his closing remarks and concluded the event, thus ratifying the convening objectives.



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