Alternative currencies, a hot topic at the 15th Annual Business Law conference

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Experts and analysts have indicated that the session on “Alternative Currencies in The Digital Age” at this year’s annual business law conference (a hybrid conference)  of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL) is one that must not be missed by legal practitioners, tech entrepreneurs, business executives and other stakeholders, as it promises to be intriguing not just because a panel of very knowledgeable practitioners and industry players would be discussing another technological advancement, but because the discussion would be centred around the disruption of money itself!

A disruption that will be challenging not just because it strikes at the very heart of global economic stability but it is happening at a time when world economies are undergoing enormous stress. Yet, with the growing interest in crypto-currencies and central bank digital currencies amongst others, it is clear that the monetary landscape is changing

Prior to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)’s announcement prohibiting financial institutions from dealing with local cryptocurrency exchanges and ordering the shutdown of crypto traders’ accounts, cryptocurrency startups acted as local exchanges, helping to facilitate transactions among users. Nigeria has accounted for crypto transactions worth $566 million in five years. The rather abrupt shakeup by CBN has plunged cryptocurrency startups, traders, and investors into a frenzied state of readjustment.

A selection of highly knowledgeable speakers will therefore be on hand to discuss best practices with regards to alternative currencies. Among these are, Rotimi Ogunyemi – ICT Attorney and Chairman of the NBA-SBL ICT Committee. Other distinguished panellists include: Ruth Iselema – Co-Founder, Bitmama, Victor Ndukauba – DMD, Afrinvest, Michael Ugwu – Founder, Freeme digital, Carmelle Cadet – CEO, EMTec, Akin Sawyer – Managing Partner, Feleman (Moderator)

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